The ongoing societal and technological changes make it necessary for universities to modify their teaching and learning programs. Regarding the cooperation with stakeholders that have influence on how it could be designed can serve as a basis. With this article we examine the recent contributions in the field of cooperation of higher education (HE) institutions by conducting a structured literature review. A close regard in particular are the interdependences between stakeholders in order to build a basis for future curricula developments. For our conceptualization, we use the quadruple helix model to analyse the educational ecosystems. Therefore in particular the term “educational ecosystem” is taken into account. The results show that evenso that the term is used there is a lack of suitable definitions in this context. So based on the analysis of the recent literature, a definition of educational ecosystem was introduced and the quintuple helix model, which was constructed for the conceptualization of the topic, was extended by further important aspects – knowledge transfer and adaptivity.