The Key is not Spending but Investing Time - Students’ Time Management and the Impact on Perceived Stress and Psychological Well-Being


The digital society impacts the learning and teaching environment at universities. Due to Information and Communication Technologies, current students, who are also called digital natives, have a high level of autonomy in performing their study related tasks. However, they also face challenges like being permanently online that lead to increased stress levels. Since previous research has identified time management as a coping strategy for stress, we suggest that it is helpful for students in the digital society. Based on a survey encompassing 51 students, the present study examines the impact of time management on perceived stress and psychological well-being. Our data shows that time management positively predicts psychological well-being. Surprisingly, the data does not reveal any relationship between time management and perceived stress. This study is the first to examine IS students as representatives for digital natives in the context of time management and its relation to stress and psychological well-being. Our findings suggest that universities should account for stressors of the digital society and should include time management modules for encouraging higher levels of health among students.

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