A single point of data entry for documentary requirements and procedures in maritime transport - Maritime National Single Window (MNSW) includes process integration of all stakeholders in the entire seaport system. The primary goal of the MNSW is to eliminate data redundancy in a way that the entered data is instantly visible in other systems, according to the set level of authorization and authentication. In many seaports, the administrative MNSW is connected to the commercial Port Community System (PCS), an information system for the exchange of cargo related commercial data. The linking of the MNSW and the PCS connects the administrative with the commercial business aspect, making seaport business processes more efficient and more effective. Both interfaces can only be developed by using process reengineering and presume significant investments in underlying information technologies. Such implementation requires in-depth analysis of all stakeholders’ processes in the seaport system, in order for both systems to complement each other.