This paper focuses on determining the important factors that must be considered when designing and developing a gamification application that educates employees in workplaces, towards a more sustainable energy consumption behaviour. We have conducted on-site surveys, as well as unstructured interviews with employees from three different workplaces where we will deploy the app. We present our key findings and propose specific insight and guidelines for experiments aiming towards energy conservation at the workplace through behavioural change. We conclude that the individual contextual characteristics of workplaces lead to the availability of different energy conservation behaviours that can be acted upon by the employees. At the same time, the employees’ preferences for the gamified app include, among others, a collaborative game scenario – that features both intrinsic as well as extrinsic rewards based on the individual participant profile. This research is conducted in the course of a H2020 EU funded project, through which an IoT-enabled energy monitoring platform for workplaces will be developed, with the ultimate goal to change the employees’ energy consumption behaviour through a gamification application.