The ICT industry is a key contributor to the EU’s economy. Unfortunately, women’s presence is low overall and it decreases as they climb the corporate ladder. Underrepresentation of women in ICT is a research area that has received attention mostly in U.S.A., UK and some European countries. This phenomenon, termed “IT gender gap”, has not received much attention in Italy, yet. Therefore, the purpose of this study is doing an “initial” research and understanding the characteristics of the IT workplace culture in Italy. Based on the international research, a framework and a questionnaire have been developed. To test the questionnaire, a first research sample (without any statistical relevance compared to the Italian context) has been created and the potential respondents were contacted via email. Data analysis discusses the workplace environmental factors that hinder and support the career development of women in ICT in this country. Understanding the limitations of this research project has given rise to some open points that deserve being analysed and further explored.