The online supply requirement management within a heterogonous environment represents a real challenge. While the traditional e-purchase is widely adopted, the e-barter seems to be an ambitious alternative. It is mainly solicited when suppliers might be unavailable or the delivery timeouts are important. Moreover, it reinforces the communication between the producer and his professional network. In this paper, we propose an emulation of the handicraft women e-procurement process based on the power of multi-agent paradigm and ontology formalism. Indeed, we establish an e-barter framework which targets to recommend in real time, under different circumstances and regarding the handicraft woman situation the suitable exchange partners. Likewise, we established several producing rules in order to deduce automatically the best sourcing moment. Furthermore, the handicraft woman which is the decision maker might drive an e-barter auction (e-BA) process in order to choose the best exchange opportunities and then minimize her expenses. We consider the e-BA as a new concept merging the barter and auction notions.