This paper presents an assessment schema for Social CRM tools based on an empirical investigation. A constraining factor regarding the implementation of Social CRM tools (e.g., Engagor, Demand Media) is a lack of corresponding comparability of the different features (e.g., analysis of individual data, CRM interface). Little research has been conducted on the assessment of Social CRM tools, and even less have used empirical investigations to develop an assessment schema for surveying the use of corresponding technologies. To address this gap, the study reveals a quantitative investigation of Social CRM technology use as well as develops an assessment schema for Social CRM tools (i.e., including a Monitoring and Capturing, Analysis, Exploitation, Communication, IS integration and Management dimension). The data is analyzed using formative indicators with a sample of 122 marketing, communication and IT decision makers. The results of the analysis serve as weights for the assessment schema. It can be used to develop values for Social CRM tools with regard to their different ‘use’ features and dimensions.