Social CRM deals with the integration of Web 2.0 and Social Media into Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Social CRM is a business strategy supported by technology platforms to provide mutually beneficial value for companies and their target groups. In practice, one factor impeding Social CRM implementation is the lack of performance measures, which assess Social CRM activities and monitor their success. Little research has been conducted investigating performance measures in order to develop a Social CRM performance measurement model. To address this gap, this article presents the qualitative part of a two-stage multi-method approach. It comprises a systematic and rigorous literature review as well as a sorting procedure. In this effort, 16 Social CRM performance measures and four categories of a performance measurement system are identified. The sorting procedure validates the corresponding classification and ensures a high degree of external validity. In a subsequent study, formative survey instruments are developed from the respective findings and are tested by applying a confirmatory factor analysis.