The Education Ministry in the Australian State of Victoria undertook a major project: building the Ultranet, between 2005 and its release in August 2010. The possibilities offered by the Ultranet were considerable, but up take by schools was not. The Ultranet is not yet dead, but it is certainly not in a good state of health. An analysis of communications shows that user needs were not assessed adequately, and that the poor handling of the system-wide launch was sufficient to disenchant even those who had expressed initial support. This eGovernment

project is studied as an example of project failure, particularly in regard to its human aspects. The existence of small pockets of dedicated users points to the possibility of resurrection of those parts of the business case where the users continue to value the feature. Suggestions are made for a possible means of project recovery that would address the problems in this case, and a framework is proposed for anticipating other e-Government project failure points.