Healthy living is an increasingly important topic on the agenda of policy makers. Containment of health care cost through public health and specific prevention programs is seen as a key element of the current social-economic policies in the western world. mHealth technology holds the promise to make healthy living more effective than traditional prevention programs. As part of a broad healthy living support program (including food, physical activity, stress management, social support and smoking cessation), we extended web-based and coach-based ‘healthy consumption’ support with smart phone application (mApp) assistance. This paper focuses on the design analysis phase, following a design research cycle. We start from a user needs analysis, then proceed to solution analysis and service development. The result is a design solution, using an mApp for the support of healthy food consumption, together with practical ‘optimal diet’ guidelines. This solution is embedded in a health coach relationship. For the future, we anticipate more personal and intelligent mobile applications for health behavior tracking and feedback, plus an increasing role in health provider processes.