Micro-learning (ML) combines micro-content delivery with a sequence of micro interactions which enable users to learn without information overload. This has the potential to enable better learning results in terms of retention of propositional content. Learners familiar with Web2.0 technologies, like Tweets and SMS, expect a personalized learning solution and the KnowledgePulse (KP) system researched and developed by the RSA FG delivers this in a work context. ML has potential for enhancing mobile learning which has lacked success despite the explosive popularity of mobile devices. This paper presents the micro-learning approach and the KP sytem that delivers micro-content on mobile devices and allows learning anytime, anyplace and any pace. Three case studies of different product stages of KP are reported with 100+ users in three settings. Results show high usage levels and good satisfaction of learners. These preliminary results provide encouraging signs for the further development of micro-learning systems. Future research needs to expand to a much large scale and also develop an evaluation framework which can serve as standard to investigate how micro and mobile learning can be integrated to create more effective learning.