Regardless of what ICT solutions are planned or proposed, or in what situations ICT is considered, it is important to first have a thorough understanding of the current state of the situation in the organization in question, so as to be able to understand the ereadiness and the challenges that need to be overcome in the adoption process and resource-wise of the organization. In this paper we focus on these issues in micro-firms, which we define as firms having four or fewer workers. The aim of this paper is threefold; i) to make an assessment of the current ICT-capabilities and –skills in microfirms, ii) to see if the micro-firm owners realize potentials that ICT solutions can bring, and iii) assess the adoption process, what is needed for the micro-firms to come from i) to successfully adopting ICT solutions which could enhance the firm operations. To embark upon these aims, we have results from a survey sent to all firms in the Åland Islands archipelago.