The healthcare sector is highly information intensive. Information on patient specific medication is usually essential for clinicians when treating patients. However, information is not always available when required. Electronic patient records (EPRs) have in many cases enhanced the situation but there is often a need for exchanging information across various organisations. In Finland, there is a plan to integrate healthcare providers’ information systems into a single national system. To study physicians’ perceptions on this forthcoming development, in particular the management of medication information, a data collection was organised on a closed internet discussion board for physicians. The results show that the physicians were not convinced of the usability of the national system because they already have problems with slow EPRs within one organisation. According to them, another basic problem is patients' general lack of knowledge about their own medication regimen. The discussion on the discussion board was not extremely active but the data collection provided fruitful answers and was a useful experiment to keep in mind for possible future data collection.