This paper critically analyses the main challenges related to teaching and learning in emerging business disciplines. It focuses on the field of Business Intelligence (BI), as a prime example of dynamic, industry-driven discipline where the content as well as methods and frameworks for professional practice are still emerging and co-evolving with teaching practices. However, the work presented goes beyond BI and is equally relevant for any other emerging teaching and professional field of Business Information Systems (BIS). The paper argues that order to address the identified challenges, we need to move away from the traditional transmission model of teaching and adopt a new educational model based on the concept of synergetic learning communities designed to cross university industry / boundaries. To support the argument, the paper uses a case study of an active world-wide, synergetic BI learning community called Teradata University Network (TUN). Most importantly, the paper offers a reflective analysis of the changing role of university teacher that could be directly attributed to the new educational model. The reported findings are the result of an ongoing participatory action research project in this area.