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Sustainability and climate change are global issues with many cultural, organizational, technical, social, regulatory, economic, and individual dimensions. Just as computer-based information systems have been a driving force for societal progress, Green IS can be a driving force for strategic sustainable solutions in organizations and communities. Green IS enables the transformative power of information systems to support the multiple dimensions of sustainability. It addresses the world’s greatest challenges including shrinking access to non renewable resources, decreased energy and food security, and environmental degradation due to climate change. IS can play a pivotal role in enabling sustainable solutions, which greatly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of modern communities and enterprises. Consequently, IS research can contribute in such transformation towards a multidimensional perspective to sustainability.

Track Chairs:
Dorit Nevo, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA),
Julia Kotlarsky, The University of Auckland (New Zealand),
Rajiv Sabherwal, University of Arkansas (USA),

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Wednesday, August 10th
12:00 AM

Explaining Reward Crowdfunding Backers’ Intentions and Behavior

Prince Baah-Peprah, University of Agder
Rotem Shneor, School of Business and Law
Ziaul Haque Munim, University of South-Eastern Norway

12:00 AM

12:00 AM

Pathways to Meaningful Work on Micro-Task Crowdsourcing Platforms

Sara Moussawi, Carnegie Mellon University
Marios Koufaris, Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York

12:00 AM