This track proposes to continue and extend the past tracks on philosophical approaches to Information Systems. Interest in this field appears to be growing, as shown by the two panels at this year’s AMCIS conference. The theme of digital innovation and entrepreneurship would be proposed along the dimensions of social media, digital live AI and digital transformation and BPM. Other IS and philosophical approaches related to the theme may be envisioned.

Track Chairs:
Emmanuel Monod, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics,
Elisabeth Joyce, Edinboro University,

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Wednesday, August 10th
12:00 AM

Digital Transformation and Factors of Dysfunctions

Joyan Hayashi, University of Montpellier

12:00 AM

For a Socio-Economic Perspective on digital Transformation Organizational Dysfunctions A Case study in China

Jianming Huang, UCMT
Bin Bai, Linkoping University

12:00 AM

Socio-technical Philosophy and Socio-Economic Theory in Digital Transformation: A Case Study of Cross-department Communication related to Ambidexterity

Yanfei Zhang, ENPC

12:00 AM

Supportive Relationships, Commitment, and Turnover in Platform Work: A Platform Ecosystem Perspective

Andreas Ihl, Danube University Krems

12:00 AM