SIG OSRA - Organizational Transformation and Information Systems

By adopting, adapting, or developing Information Systems (IS), organizations and their IS continually undergo a considerable transformation often referred to as “digital transformation”. As a result, information systems, business models, business processes, and end-user workplaces are perpetually analyzed, rethought, and changed. Nowadays, many systems in organizations are already interconnected to form inter-organizational IS, contributing to a complex IS landscape in current organizations. This renews the importance of analyzing the interplay between IS and organizations from socio-technical and end-user perspectives and the implications of changing IS on end-users and customers, who are increasingly technologically savvy and immersed in this digital transformation.

This year, we invite research papers and real-life teaching cases to be submitted on topics related to organizational transformation and IS, business process management, changing workplaces and IS integration, knowledge management and training, end-user computing, agile methods, IT consulting, and inter-organizational information systems.

Track Chairs:
Elaine Mosconi, Université de Sherbrooke,
Paul Drews, Leuphana University Lüneburg,
Frank Ulbrich, Hochschule Luzern,

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