SIG LEAD - IS Leadership and the IT Profession

The IS Leadership and the IT Profession track is aimed at fostering a forum for IS scholars engaging in a range of issues surrounding the practice of IT related research including IS leadership, the IT workforce, career development/training and issues surrounding the IT profession. Specific objectives of the track are to allow members to share their research, develop the discourse between academia and practice, engage in exchange of perspectives, and encourage future collaborations. The track is sponsored by the AIS Special Interest Group on IS Leadership (SIGLEAD) in collaboration with the Society for Information Management (SIM). This track has been led by SIGLEAD and hosted at AMCIS since 2003. The proposed track title is an evolution of the previous Human Capital in Information Systems title as the new title was determined to be more reflective of the SIGLEAD sponsorship, more reflective of growing coordination with SIM and more inclusive of the research interests of both groups.

Though articles on IS leadership and the IT profession abound in the practitioner press, much less attention has been devoted to the topic from an academic perspective. IT professionals – whether leaders at the CIO level, IS project and line staff or external professional service providers – are the human dimension of the discipline and therefore issues surrounding IT practice are of enduring concern to academics and practitioners alike. Mini-tracks will be sought to cover the range of the track interest and authors will be encouraged to submit both conceptual and empirical papers contributing to both research and practice that employ a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Track chairs:
Jennifer Gerow, Virginia Military Institute,
Sam Zaza, Middle Tennessee State,

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Wednesday, August 10th
12:00 AM

“Just Google Translate It!” ICT Use of Migrant IT professionals for Mitigating Workplace Integration Challenges

Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström, Department of Applied IT
Cheryl Cordeiro, Nofima AS

12:00 AM

12:00 AM

Participating in Citizen Development: Theory of Planned Behavior

Yuzhu Li, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Rui Huang, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

12:00 AM