SIG GTM - Grounded Theory Methodology

Grounded theory has been extensively adopted by researchers in Information Systems. Grounded theory is also diverse, multi-faceted, and ever-evolving. The Grounded Theory Methodology (GTM) track embraces papers relating to the use and understanding of grounded theory. The track will accept papers which address grounded theory in some manner, including but not limited, research studies with rigorous application of GTM, commentaries on GTM which might extend, clarify, or enrich our understanding of GTM, and reviews of GTM-related work. We take a broad perspective of GTM and welcome conceptual, qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Track Chairs:
Ning Su, Western University,
Tanya Beaulieu, Uiversity of Maine,
Manuel Wiesche, Technische Uni­ver­si­tät Dort­mund,

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