SIG Agility - Digital Agility and Resilience

Organizations have recognized the importance of the need to swiftly sense and respond to changes in the marketplace as well as adapt to business disruptions. Organizations resort to different approaches to developing organizational agility and resilience by leveraging digital capabilities. Agility and resilience can span from operational to strategic in that organizations can focus specifically on streamlining their operations or consider agility and resilience at the strategic level focusing on game-changing opportunities. This track explores relationships among IT, digital agility, and resilience at organizations. How does IT play an instrumental role in enabling organizational agility? How does IT shape various business processes in shaping organizational agility? How is digital resilience achieved? What can we learn from specific pockets of literature such as those on agile software development, agility, lean development, etc. to develop insights into the relationship between organizational agility and digital resilience? This track is open to various types of research including those that use quantitative, qualitative, and theoretical approaches.

Track Chairs:
Jongwoo (Jonathan) Kim, University of Massachusetts Boston,
Lan Cao, Old Dominion University,

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Wednesday, August 10th
12:00 AM

Blockchain Applications to Mitigate the Effects of Supply Chain Disruptions

Md Golam Kibria, University of Toledo
Benjamin George, University of Toledo

12:00 AM