Core - Cognitive Research in IS

Human cognition deals with how we know and make decisions, through processes including reasoning, perception, and judgment. The future of the Information Systems discipline will continue to involve human cognition as systems are increasingly used to meet social and business needs in innovative settings. Understanding human cognition is a critical component to the successful design, implementation, and use of information systems. The questions of interest relevant to this track focus on IS problems in terms of the processes of knowing and making decisions. This track solicits research investigating the widest variety of cognition, including but not limited to: situated, shared, social, distributed, and team cognition; group and individual decision support systems; cognitive aspects of business analytics and intelligence; problem-solving; knowledge-sharing & -management; cognitive perspectives on IS design, use, and development; human-computer interaction or human factors; and research methods to investigate cognitive issues in IS. We welcome qualitative, quantitative, experimental, and case study research and research-in-progress.

Track Chairs:
Jia Shen, Rider University,
Emre Yetgin, Rider University,

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Wednesday, August 10th
12:00 AM

Can (A)I do this for you? – Exploring the Impact of Psychological Distance and AI-Attitude on Task Delegation

Marvin Braun, University of Goettingen
Maike Greve, University of Goettingen
Till Ole Diesterhöft, University of Goettingen
Lutz Kolbe, University of Göttingen

12:00 AM

Revisiting the Constructs of SQB Theory: A Review and Research Agenda

Mahikala Niranga, Southern Cross University
Darshana Sedera, Southern Cross University

12:00 AM

Swaying Individuals’ Privacy Concerns Through Amplifying vs. Diminishing Counter Arguments: An Awareness-Motivation-Capability Perspective

Louisa F. Rieger, Lumpkin School of Business
Tina Wang, Eastern Illinois University

12:00 AM

What are the critical value attributes sought by software users?

Ashish Kakar, Texas Tech University
adarsh kumar kakar, Alabama State University

12:00 AM