Global, International, and Cross Cultural Research in Info Systems (SIG CCRIS)

Globalization has historically been tied to technological innovation, and the present era of a networked information society is no different. Information systems (IS) have provided the infrastructure for multinational businesses, created new cultural connections irrespective of geographic boundaries and distances, and allowed an increasingly mobile global population to be connected to their friends, families, and cultures no matter where they are, forming global online communities. Of particular interest to the track this year are the socio-cultural features of the intended and unintended consequences of global IS; this includes, for example, disinformation, fake news, hate speech, rumors, conspiracy theories, cyberbullying, racist algorithms, fraud, and trolling. The track welcomes submissions that relate to all aspects of global IS, or IS research situated in a global, international or cross-cultural context. The track is open to all methodological approaches and perspectives.

Track Chairs:
Pnina Fichman, Indiana University
Edward W.N. Bernroider, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Barbara Krumay, Johannes Kepler University

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Monday, August 9th
12:00 AM

An LSTM Based Approach for the Classification of Customer Reviews: An Exploratory Study

Piyush Vyas, Dakota State University
Jun Liu, Dakota State University
Akhilesh Chauhan, Dakota State University

12:00 AM

Citizens' Acceptance of E-democracy: when the Theory of the Reasoned Action meets the Civic Voluntarism Model

Josue KUIKA WATAT, AMBERO Consulting GmbH
Gideon Mekonnen Jonathan, Stockholm University

12:00 AM

Exploring Tensions and Unifying Discourses in Globally Networked R&D Work

Katriina Vartiainen, Tampere University

12:00 AM

Robot or me: who gets the control?

Yun Wan, University of Houston - Victoria
Emem Blessing Akpan, University of Houston- victoria
Hongyu Guo, University of Houston - Victoria

12:00 AM

Trust Effect on Online Reviews Across National Culture

Youngeui Kim, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Mark Srite, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

12:00 AM