Organizational agility is a leading success factor in the digital era. Organizations have recognized the importance of the need to swiftly sense and respond to changes in the marketplace. Agility can span from operational to strategic in that organizations can focus specifically on streamlining their operations or consider agility at the strategic level focusing on game-changing opportunities. Depending on their focus, organizations need to adapt their approach to agility. This track explores relationship between IT and organizational agility. How does IT play an instrumental role in enabling organizational agility by delivering new products and services, and sensing and responding quickly to shifting customer attitudes and market place opportunities and risks? On the other hand, how does organizational agility facilitate digital transformation and enable the business to unleash its full potential? This track is open for various types of research including those that use quantitative, qualitative, and theoretical approaches to examining IT-enabled organizational agility.

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After the Plan: An Exploration of the Digitalization Application Barriers

Fanny-Ève Bordeleau, TU Freiberg
Carsten Felden, TU Freiberg

Digital Business Intensity and Entrepreneurial Alertness in Organizational Learning

James Wairimu, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Qinyu Liao, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Establishing Architecture Guidelines in Large-Scale Agile Development Through Institutional Pressures: A Single-Case Study

Ömer Uludag, Technical University of Munich
Sascha Nägele, Technical University of Munich
Matheus Hauder, Allianz Deutschland AG

Improvising Digital Transformation: Strategy Unfolding in Acts of Organizational Improvisation

Markus Philipp Zimmer, University of Turku

The Influence of Cultural Values on Organizational Agility

Dulce Goncalves, Halmstad University
Magnus Bergquist, Halmstad University
Richard Bunk, Halmstad University
Sverker Alänge, Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology (IMIT)