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Thursday, August 11th
12:00 AM

Capability Modeling with Application on Large-scale Sports Events

Pericles Loucopoulos, University of Manchester
Evangelia Kavakli, University of the Aegean

12:00 AM

Encapsulation as a Key Concern in Analysis and Design for Service Systems

Steven Alter, University of San Francisco

12:00 AM

Exploring the Impact of Analyst Knowledge of Socio-Technical Concepts on Requirements Questionnaires Quality

Abdullah Wahbeh, Dakota State University
Surendra Sarnikar, Dakota State University
Omar El-Gayar, Dakota State University

12:00 AM

Facilitating Organisational Change via an Automated Change Management System

Alan Litchfield, Auckland University of Technology
Amin Farokhpourlangroodi, Auckland University of Technology

12:00 AM

Fit of Development Methodologies in Software Projects

Sriram Rajagopalan, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Saji Mathew, IIT Madras
Vijayan Sugumaran, Oakland University

12:00 AM

Querying Instances – A Protocol Analysis Study

Arash Saghafi, University of British Columbia
Yair Wand, University of British Columbia
Jeffrey Parsons, Memorial University of Newfoundland

12:00 AM