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An Empirical Investigation of Strategies against Procurement Uncertainties and Their IS Support at High Grade Timber Manufacturers

Shanna Appelhanz, Georg-August-University
Shanna Appelhanz, University of Goettingen
Matthias Schumann, University of Goettingen

Applying Demand Response Programs for Electric Vehicle Fleets

Matthias Eisel, Faculty of Economic Sciences
Björn Hildebrandt, Faculty of Economic Sciences
Lutz Kolbe, Faculty of Economic Sciences
Johannes Schmidt, Faculty of Economic Sciences

Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to Individual Computer Energy Saving Behavioral Intention and Use at Work

Carol Pollard, Appalachian State University

Assessing the Ability to Act without Moving - The Movirtuality Index

Andres Diaz Lopez, University of Mississippi

Co-using Infrastructure for Sustainability in Maritime Transports

Sandra Haraldson, Viktoria Swedish ICT
Per-Erik Holmberg, Viktoria Swedish ICT
Mathias Karlsson, Viktoria SICT

Digitalization of Sea Transports – Enabling Sustainable Multi-Modal Transports

Sandra Haraldson, Viktoria Swedish ICT

Green IS: Are We Still Thinking in Mere Economic Imperatives or Are We Striving for Eco-Effectiveness?

Stefan Seidel, University of Liechtenstein
Nadine Székely, University of Liechtenstein
Jan vom Brocke, University of Liechtenstein

Maritime Informatics Framework and Literature Survey - Ecosystem Perspective

Seyma Guven Kocak, Georgia Institute of Technology

Measures to Reduce Concerns Related to Smart Meter Data_x000D_ Are detailed Consumer data needed for Smart Grid Operations?

Rani Yesudas, The Australian National University

Multi-Dimensional Views for Sustainability: Ontological Approach

Jon Heales, The University of Queensland
Scott McCoy, College of William and Mary
Chinthake Wijesooriya, The University of Queensland

Organizational Green IT Adoption: Concept and Evidence

Qi Deng, Carleton University
Shaobo Ji, Carleton University

Shifting to a Sustainability Dominant Logic: The Role of IS

Alex Ballasiotes, University of Georgia
Marie-Claude Boudreau, University of Georgia
Jessie Lian, University of Georgia
Richard Watson, University of Georgia

Sustainability innovation systems (SIS): IT Investments and Stages of Sustainability Maturity

Thomas Abraham, Kean University
Kannan Mohan, Baruch College, CUNY

The Green Fingerprint: Decreasing energy consumption with Decision Support Systems

Peter Ekman, Mälardalen University
Randle Raggio, University of Richmond
Steve Thompson, University of Richmond