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A Socio-Technical Approach to Biometric Technology Deployment in Schools

Rachida Parks
Esther Mead

Affordance Theory in the IS Discipline: a Review and Synthesis of the Literature

Giulia Pozzi
Federico Pigni
Claudio Vitari

Designing a Hybrid Academic Workshop: Lessons from the Field

Helen Hasan
Cathy Dwyer

Developing Social Capital in Online Communities: The Challenge of Fluidity

David Wagner, German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS)

Educated People with Disabilities in the ICT Field

Jukka Mononen
Raija Halonen

Enterprise SNS Use and Profile Perceptions: A Comparison of Cultures

Jeffrey Cummings
Bryan Reinicke

Exploring Configurations of Affordances: The Case of Software Development

Aron Lindberg
James Gaskin
Nicholas Berente
Kalle Lyytinen

Features for Social CRM Technology – An Organizational Perspective

Torben Küpper
Reinhard Jung
Tobias Lehmkuhl
Alexander Wieneke

Gender Differences in Online Gaming: A Literature Review

Natasha Veltri
Hanna Krasnova
Annika Baumann
Neena Kalayamthanam

How Envy Influences SNS Intentions to Use

Jiao Wu
Mark Srite

Modularity and Organizational Dynamics in Open Source Software (OSS) production

Eunyoung Moon
James Howison

Relationship attachment and subjective vitality as outcomes of social networking site use

A.K.M. Najmul Islam
Matti Mäntymäki

Social Media and e-Democracy in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

Glen Finau
Acklesh Prasad
Sarah Logan
John Cox

Systemic Complexity and Sociomateriality–A Research Agenda

Nik Hassan

Testing the Group Task Demands-Resources Model among IT Professionals

E. Wilson
Steven Sheetz
Soussan Djamasbi
Joanna Webber

The Potential of Niklas Luhmann’s General Theory of Social Systems for Research on Agile Methodologies

Andreas Drechsler
Tobias Trepper

The Role of Regulatory Focus and Message Framing on Persuasion of Anti-piracy Educational Campaigns

Bong Jeong
Tom Yoon

Understanding Blind User’s Accessibility and Usability Problems in the Context of myITlab Simulated Environment

Shrirang Sahasrabudhe
Maurie Lockley