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A Study of Personal Cloud Computing: Compatibility, Social Influence, and Moderating Role of Perceived Familiarity

Murad Moqbel
Valerie Bartelt
Mohammed Al-Suqri

An Empirical Contingency Perspective on Cooperative Municipal Broadband Adoption

Felix Limbach
Hannes Kübel
Rüdiger Zarnekow

An Explorative Study of Mobility Adoption in the Enterprise

Leigh Jin
Xiaodong Deng
Bih-Ru Lea

Assessing Adoption of Online PAN Card Registration System (OPCRS): An Indian e-Government System Perspective

Nripendra Rana
Yogesh Dwivedi
Shahla Ghobadi
Niall Piercy
Michael Williams

Assessing Unobserved Heterogeneity in SEM Using REBUS-PLS: A Case of the Application of TAM to Social Media Adoption

Laura Trinchera

Contingent Role of Knowledge Self-Efficacy Distribution on Diffusion of Knowledge in Peer-To-Peer Networks: An Agent-Based Approach

Taha Havakhor
Amr Soror
Rajiv Sabherwal

Drivers and Obviations for using Social Media in companies – Insights from an online-survey on Firms in German-speaking Countries

Christoph Lattemann
Ariane Pollock
Frank Beinhold

EDMS Use in Local E-Government: Extent of Use and Overall Performance Mediated by Routinization and Infusion

Carlos Afonso
Andrew Schwarz
José Roldán
Manuel Sánchez-Franco

Embedded system use and users’ assessment: an experimental study of e-negotiation

Bo Yu
Rustam Vahidov
Gregory Kersten

Factors that explain the differences in the e-business level of assimilation among businesses in Lebanon

Mary Ann El Rassi
Antoine Harfouche
Eric Pezet

Fashions in the Cloud: A case of Institutional Legitimacy

Ulf Melin
Pradip Sarkar
Leslie Young

Improving Mobile Applications Usage Experience of Novice Users through User-Acclimatized Interaction: A Case Study

Maffee Peng-Hui Wan
Klarissa Chang
Wu Yi

“Like” is More than Just a Thumbs up: The Role of Feedback and Sociability in SNS Usage

Mustapha Cheikh-Ammar
Henri Barki

Market Reaction to Information Technology Investment Announcements in Russian Firms

Xenia Boyko
Elena Rogova
Narcyz Roztocki
Heinz Roland Weistroffer

Mobile Technology and Smartphone Apps: A Diffusion of Innovations Analysis

Robert Nickerson
Mark Austreich
Jamie Eng

Organizational support and Enterprise Web 2.0 adoption: a qualitative study

Fayez Alqahtani
Jason Watson
Helen Partridge

Personality Type Effects on Online Credit Card Payment Utilization

Steven Walczak
Gary Borkan

Recruiters’ Intention to Adopt Social Information Systems

Jaffar Alalwan

Tablet Image: Visibility Feature Designs Increase Tablet Use

Puzant Balozian
Dorothy Leidner

The impact of human resources information systems and business process management implementations on recruiting process performance: A case study

Sven Laumer
Christian Maier
Andreas Eckhardt

The Role of Gender in Paradoxes Associated with Smartphone Use by Brazilian Executives

Ana Borges
Luiz Joia

Variation in Individuals’ Post-Adoption Behaviors: Use of Information Systems

Vanesa Tennant
Annette Mills
Wynne Chin

When the Dark Side of Post-Adoptive Use Leads to IT Discontinuance: an Exploration of the Role of Intervention

Mohamed CHARKI

Why Managers Tolerate Workarounds – The Role of Information Systems

Nina Röder
Manuel Wiesche
Michael Schermann, Santa Clara University
Helmut Krcmar