Virtual Communities and Collaborations


This paper proposes to extend the existing boundaries of Business Process Management (BPM) to include an emergingcategory of processes, here termed Global Knowledge-Intensive Business Processes (GKIBP). These processes differ fromother global processes, such as supply chains and collaborative cross-organizational business processes (BPs), as their mainoutcome is a commercial knowledge artifact, co-created trough coordinated activities of knowledge agents, that may or maynot come from an organizational setting. Starting from a well-known model by Harmon (2007) used to describe the maincomponents of BPM in an organizational setting, our research proposes a new framework more suitable for the targetedcategory of GKIBPs. Design of the proposed framework is founded in a case study of a real-life example of GKIBP based oncrowdsourcing, also briefly described in this paper. The proposed framework is used for analysis of twenty-five paperspublished in the leading Information Systems journals. This resulting synthesis is then used to point to several research gapsand to propose several research opportunities.