IT Strategy and Management


With a boom in e-commerce, organizations have to contend with fulfilling IS (Information Systems) requirements of rapidlyrising numbers of external users in addition to internal users. However, currently there is a gap in IS literature. Virtually notypological scheme (TS) exists for IS user requirements. And a typology is widely acknowledged as the first step towardsunderstanding a phenomenon (Bailey, 1994). Using relevant research findings in the areas of job satisfaction, customersatisfaction and product quality this study explores the possibility of developing a TS of user requirements suitable to the IScontext. The aim is to provide researchers with a theoretical foundation for user-centric research in requirements engineering.The outcome of the study, iteratively reached, through literature review and experimentation, is encouraging. Therequirement types identified in the suggested TS are found to have both theoretical and empirical support with positiveimplications for research as well as practice.