Health Care IT


Consumer health information portals (HIP) are a popular means to provide quality health information via the Web. However complex usage problems in HIPs are still a major barrier to their success. A usage-driven approach, which places emphasis on improving online services based on learnings from the data of the interactions between users and the system, is crucial to ensuring sustainable and user-centred online health provision. Inspired by this idea, we present a taxonomy of usage problems that encompasses the dimensions of the content, the systems and users, focusing on a holistic understanding of usage problems. Our taxonomy is grounded on a literature analysis empirically validated through an analysis of usage-data captured from a consumer health information portal, operational for the past five years. By exploring how usage data highlights user problems, we also present strategies for health portal improvements based on better understandings of usage data. Benefits of usage-driven health portals in terms of smart learning capabilities to improve content and user satisfaction are discussed.