Diffusion of Information Technology


Services offered through the mobile channel are increasing rapidly. However, limited understanding exists on thevariation in adoption of these services. This study provides insights on this area by examining factors that influencethe adoption of mobile banking services. Based on UTAUT, innovation diffusion, and ubiquitous computingframework, we identity accessibility, alertness, personalization, ease of navigation, service compatibility, devicecompatibility, and facilitating conditions as key drivers of mobile banking services adoption. Empirical assessmentbased on discriminant analysis shows that individual perceptions regarding accessibility, alertness, and ease ofnavigation have a significant influence on the adoption decision. Interestingly, we found that accessibility and easeof navigation had a positive association with the adoption of mobile banking services, while non-adopters perceivedalertness to be a more compelling value proposition. Overall, the results offer guidance on how to increase adoptionrates and open new avenues for research in the area of mobile services.