Global, International and Cultural Issues in IS


The rapid developments of Social Network Services (SNS) and mobile technology have offered opportunities to revisitseminal theories of technology use in today’s socio-technical environment. Mobile technology based SNSprovides various service channels that are highly correlated with their respective service contexts, in which culturalinfluences are omnipresent. Investigating use intention in a cross-cultural mobile SNS study implies new theoreticaldiscoveries and managerial practices. This research in progress (RIP) paper suggests that important distinctions existbetween U.S. and Chinese SNS subscribers in terms of SNS use and perceptions. Taking the perspective of SNSusers, we strive to explore the effects of cultural factors (e.g., collectivism vs. individualism) on trust formulation,degree of social awareness, and privacy concern. We examine the antecedents and consequences of legacyconstructs (e.g., technology acceptance and social capital) in SNS. This paper describes the research design to testthe research hypotheses. A triangulation methodology (i.e., qualitative and quantitative methods) is desired andproposed in the design. A discussion of research implications and business practices is also included in this RIPpaper.