IT Strategy and Management


IT Governance methods and frameworks have been applied in most large for-profit organizations since these enterprisesrealize the benefits of IT Governance for their business. However, former research and our own surveys show thatframeworks such as ITIL and COBIT are not very well established in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as inEmergency Management (EM) organizations. Thus, we investigated what kind of barriers can be the cause for the lowadoption rate. These results built the basis for our Domain Specific Engineering (DSE) approach. The research is based onthe data of two research projects. The first project investigated the utilization of ITSM methods in European SMEs, and thesecond has researched different emergency management organizations. This paper defines similarities and differences of thetwo domain specific solutions, describes the engineering approach, and gives guidelines for further research in otherdomains.