Global, International and Cultural Issues in IS


At present, the Information Systems (IS) community is debating the relevance of its research results. Design ScienceResearch (DSR) is considered a promising approach to advance the scientific body of knowledge while, at the same time,resulting in research results of high practical utility. As a consequence, a number of guidelines and recommendations havebeen proposed to support the researcher in conducting DSR. Interestingly, though, almost no contribution can be found so farwhich investigates the transfer of knowledge between researchers and practitioners in DSR. Without efficient and effectivetransfer of knowledge between those two communities, DSR projects will not be able to achieve their goals. Motivated bythis research gap the paper at hand takes a knowledge creation perspective on DSR. It proposes an integrated modelconsisting of five different knowledge transfer activities between researchers and practitioners and vice-versa. The model isdiscussed on the basis of three recent DSR cases. The paper shows the general applicability of knowledge creation theory toDSR and lays the foundation for future research, in particular for further evaluation and elaboration of the model.