IS Curriculum, Education and Teaching Cases


In today’s business environments organizations deal with complex problems that require holistic solutions originating fromboth business and technical domains. Such initiatives require business professionals that have a deeper understanding of theholistic nature of the problems, and can offer integrated solutions that leverage practices from various domains. In order toequip professionals with a cross-disciplinary skill set, we turn our attention to their education. In this paper we aim to open aconversation between both Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) communities of educatorsand contribute towards: 1) setting up a foundation for integration of domain-specific practices, and 2) suggesting learningapproaches that facilitate cross-disciplinary education. Specifically, we discuss how boundary objects can facilitate theintegration of BPM and BI domain-specific knowledge, and assist in educating the future boundary-spanning professionals.We highlight opportunities for learning at a deeper level achieved by cross-disciplinary education and illustrate the approachwith an example of an integrated learning activity.