Diffusion of Information Technology


Information Technology (IT) Usage is an important construct in Information Systems research. While the relationshipbetween IT Usage and Performance is well studied along with the antecedents of IT Usage, extant research has not yet fullyexplored an integrated model of IT Usage, its antecedents and impact on performance. In this paper, we propose an integratedtheoretical framework for such an effort. We detail our preliminary results for a section of the theoretical model todemonstrate the viability of the research model. We find that for our research context, the preliminary results align well withtheoretical predictions. We show strong statistical relationships between actual IT Usage and performance at the business unitlevel in both cross sectional and panel data analysis. We conclude by discussing the proposed data collection and analysisapproach for testing the integrated theoretical framework for the relationship between IT Usage, its antecedents and impacton performance.