Human Computer Interaction


This work investigates facilitation of interaction through Online Social Networks by examining the feedback which usergeneratedcontent triggers on Facebook. In the light of growing friend lists and corresponding issues of InformationOverload, the analysis examines feedback upon message posts as a function of (1) the number of friends the originator has,and (2) the frequency at which he or she posts. Therefore, 6,705 messages are analyzed with respect to the feedback theytriggered. Two different qualities of feedback are distinguished: (1) the number of people who comment on a message, and(2) the number of people who 'like' a message. The results show that both people with a small number of friends, as well aspeople with an abundance of friends receive less feedback upon their messages than those with a moderate friend count.Interestingly, the frequency at which people post messages does not appear to have a direct effect on feedback. Implicationsfor both platform providers and users are discussed.