Accounting Information Systems


As a standard for the exchange, transmission, and reporting of accounting and financial data, XRBL goes a long way towardstandardization. However, as the extent of contemporary financial markets is now global, XBRL reporting must transcend oraccommodate differences in reporting standards. While XBRL has been of great help in standardizing the presentation of theU.S. GAAP and IASB standards, reconciling meaning between these standards is still a manual and error-prone affair. As awide variety of stakeholders, spanning countries and cultures, will likely take part in digesting XBRL-formatted financialreports; how will they participate at an appropriate level that is meaningful for them? This paper focuses on an ontologicalapproach towards solving this problem by offering an XBRL ontology architecture for translation between XBRL formats.The architecture is explained, evaluation criteria offered, and future research towards realizing artifacts which use thisarchitecture are proffered.