Diffusion of Information Technology


Recent years have witnessed rapid advancement in mobile learning technology. A major issue is the identification of thefactors that would relate to the diverse needs of users. If mobile learning is intended to enhance distance, interactive, andcollaborative learning, then it is mission critical to understand the impact of individual, social, and technological factors thatwould play a role in the effectiveness of this learning model as perceived by its users. This paper addresses this need byproposing an integrated and a holistic model that depicts the factors that may have the potential to impact the perceivedmobile learning effectiveness. To operationalize the model constructs, a survey-based instrument will be developed based ona review of frameworks pertinent to technology acceptance, diffusion of innovation, and media richness, and of literaturerelated to e-learning. The conceptual model will be discussed, and the study conclusion, implications, and limitations will bepresented.