IT Strategy and Management


This research-in-progress paper investigates the relationship among the use of social networking sites (SNSs), users’ socialcapital and knowledge sharing through digital Word of Mouth (WOM). The rise of SNSs has changed the way people interactand network. SNSs make it possible for users to keep track of their existing relationships and to build new ones. The SNSshave potential to build social capital which could be utilized for organizational use. However, few studies have examined therelationship among SNSs, social capital, and digital WOM. Specifically, this research examines whether the intensity of useof social network sites is positively related to users’ relational social capital and knowledge sharing through digital WOM.This study provides a theoretical model for researchers to study the utilization of SNSs; and provides rationale forpractitioners to utilize SNSs internally for organizational inter-networking and organizational learning, and externally as amarketing tool.