Diffusion of Information Technology


Digital switchover is the term used for the digital migration process from analogue to digital broadcasting. The purportedbenefits include: increased robustness and technical quality, high-definition television and increased channel capacity. Thesuccess of digital switchover is dependent on the voluntary adoption by consumers, including marginalized groups such asthe disabled which are often neglected. Researchers have posited the need to understand these groups separately in order tospur diffusion and adoption. This paper is a work-in-progress, and its purpose is to re-iterate the need for segmentation andalso to examine theories that can be used as insights on the determinants of DTTV adoption for the deaf community. Itproposes a quantitative and qualitative approach for data collection. It is anticipated that research of this nature will help toadvise regulators on the strategy to improve the uptake of DTTV to these marginalized groups.