Enterprise Systems and Organizational Issues in IS


Software Maintenance (SM) constitutes a critical function that enables organizations to continually leverage their ITcapabilities. However a majority of the SM methodologies are geared toward large organizations. This is detrimental to smallorganizations (SO), for which SM remains an important function. This research contributes to the discipline by a) evaluatingthe appropriateness of existing SM methodologies for small organizations b) investigating the explicit needs of a smallorganization through a case based empirical study. The preliminary findings of the research indicate a lack of alignment ofexisting SM processes to the overall needs of the small organization. Also, the empirical investigation suggests that SMprocesses in small organizations are ad-hoc, resulting in a reliance on key actors for project success. Consequently, ataxonomy of the key actors is suggested and initial insights are provided about its implications on project success andimportant functions such as communication, collaboration and coordination.