This paper consists of investigations into a strategic planning framework for information systems in support ofpatient-centered care (PCC) processes. The planning perspective that underpins the research includes learningtheories, organizational learning and knowledge management in general. A brief review of current PCC goalsand perspectives is used as a starting point for an investigation of PCC activities and support system. Theexamples of existing PCC activities are organized as a learning process and presented in a framework. Sevenmain points of framework includes: 1. Patient understanding and personal knowledge of his/her health situation.2. Facts/information gathering, about the condition that the patient is in. 3. Planning/Formulation of alternatives,based on facts, possible paths of action is planned. 4. Decision-making, including weighing alternatives andchoosing actions. 5. Taking action, performing what has been decided on. 6. Evaluation and record-keeping. 7.Patient interaction with health, either face-to-face experience or supported by technology.