Global, International and Cultural Issues in IS


There is a widespread belief that information and communication technologies (ICT) canplay a significant role in the socio-economic development of a nation. ICT has the potential toaffect many aspects of economic and societal activity such as GDP growth, employment,productivity, poverty alleviation, quality of life, education, and healthcare. While the literaturefrom various disciplines provides a myriad of definitions and elements of socio-economicdevelopment, the fundamental question of what constitutes socio-economic development,specifically one that is ICT-driven, from the perspective of ordinary citizens, remainsunanswered. This study focuses on the citizens’ view in describing ICT-driven socio-economicdevelopment is a developing country. The paper also makes a methodological contribution tothe IS field by its use of the narrative research method, one which is very appropriate for thistype of research. Narratives allow deeper and profound insights into participants' beliefs aboutthe role of ICT in their socio-economic development. Using the narrative research method, amodel of the dimensions of socio-economic development is formulated. Furthermore, theresearch introduces several innovations in qualitative research.