Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management


Nowadays we are living an era which is marked by efforts for originality, innovation, collaboration, accumulation ofexperience and integration with and through many inventions such as computers, the internet, and technologies that havefacilitated knowledge sharing and communication among people. This research seeks to extend the existing literature onKMS and knowledge sharing by proposing a conceptual framework, namely ECCCT (Evolution, Collaboration, Connection,Codification and Technical) that can be used to study how knowledge management systems (KMS) facilitate knowledgesharing to support decision making processes in multinational corporations (MNC). In this research, 42 semi-structuredinterviews have been conducted with participants from 35 MNC in 11 countries. All participants are KMS professionals,managers and employees in MNC who are using KMS in different sectors and at different levels. The work will assistmanagers in MNC in finding new ways of leveraging and sharing knowledge.