Enterprise Systems and Organizational Issues in IS


Six Sigma has long been used as an effective way to restructure a company’s management process. While there are abundantcase study literatures on Six Sigma, a theoretical framework that can logically advance the previous work into a higher levelis lacked. What’s more, there are few empirical studies to verify those results from previous case studies. To fill these twogaps, this study proposes a comprehensive theoretical research framework of Six Sigma-based management activities, buildup a research model of its effectiveness, and further verifies its effect in improving corporate competitiveness throughempirical data analysis based on valid questionnaires collected from managers in Samsung companies that have beenapplying Six Sigma for several years. Empirical results from Structural Equation Modeling method showed that the proposedtheoretical research model of Six Sigma activities is indeed effective in refreshing process management, improving quality,and, finally, improving corporate competitiveness.