Systems Analysis and Design


This literature review synthesizes existing research in the field of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) from a businessperspective and integrates results from 40 works to offer researchers an overview about the existing body of knowledge inthis research field as well as a research agenda, which unifies and extends previous efforts. While the literature regarding thetechnologies and design principles for SOA and even Service-Oriented Enterprises (SOE) converges, especially researchregarding the identification of determinants influencing SOA adoption, governance mechanisms for effectively implementingSOA, and regarding SOA‘s actual business impact is needed. Previous empirical research indicated promising factors in eachof these fields. However, future research should especially draw attention to holistically cover each of the research areas.Moreover, extending the use of empirical research methods will further improve our understanding regarding the importanceof different adoption determinants, governance mechanisms, and the actual business value of SOA.