A Conceptual Model for Measuring the Service Quality of HR Shared Services Organizations

Stefan Roeder, Steinbeis-Hochschule-Berlin
Frank Keuper, Steinbeis-Hochschule-Berlin
Marcell Vollmer, SAP AG


Current measures of internal service quality (SQ) do not adequately capture internal customers' perceptions of SQ provided

by human resource (HR) shared service organizations (HRSSOs). In order to gain a better understanding of the construct and

its ability to predict important internal service outcomes, namely customer value (CV), satisfaction (SAT) and behavioral

intentions (BI), this paper outlines a conceptual model of internal customer perceptions of SQ provided by HRSSOs. The

model is based on a wide body of marketing and IS literature as well as qualitative pre-studies. Thus, a multidimensional,

hierarchical scale for measuring HRSSO service quality is proposed. The scale is embedded in a structural model for the

internal HRSSO context and simultaneously considers the relevant relationships between the aforementioned key constructs.

Furthermore, the development process of the survey instrument is presented together with the validation procedure that will

use data collected from a multiple-industry study.