Information Technology Services & Sourcing


To be successful in Information Systems (IS) outsourcing the necessity of better management practices has been pointed out.This research contributes to the knowledge base on management of IS outsourcing by addressing management of ISoutsourcing relationships. The research describes two cases of IS outsourcing relationships that differ in type of activityoutsourced, IS development versus IS maintenance and operation, and relationship composition. From the cases lessonslearnt are identified which with support from IS outsourcing literature are proposed as propositions for management of ISoutsourcing. It can be concluded that if the propositions, related to negotiation, communication and way of working, areadopted in an early stage they could contribute to successful IS outsourcing relationships. Another conclusion is that the ISoutsourcing management approach should not differ between type of IS activity outsourced, but rather reflect the nature ofthe IS activity; if it is a simple or complex activity.