Recent research has emphasized the role of emotional processes in IT adoption. So far, though, little attention has been paidto how emotions could influence users’ interaction with a system and their level of IT usage (i.e. richness of usage, number offeatures used, and innovative usage vs. routine usage). Interestingly, emotions have also hardly been related with IT usageprofiles specifically. In order to fill these knowledge gaps, this research explores and describes the role played by emotionalprocesses in IT adoption. A case study was conducted in a French insurance company that recently implemented acollaborative web platform, based on the Google Apps service. Thirty interviews were conducted with a diverse set ofworkers, including users and promoters of the new application. The findings are twofold. First, they indicate that emergingcombinations of emotions such as frustration and excitement can encourage rich and innovative usage of the new system.Second, other emerging combinations, which include frustration and nostalgia, can also lead to lean IT usage. The findingsare then discussed and the contributions to IT usage research emphasized.